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Jun. 17th, 2007



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May. 21st, 2007



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May. 15th, 2007



Um, could someone in the school please go to the library and check on Hermione? I think she got excited over some books and passed out or something. And now, to get to London as soon as possible. But discretely. Ravenclaw horcrux, here I come!

I hope there'll be a return trip...

May. 6th, 2007



I know that we all have bigger fish to fry. And I know that Quidditch should be the least of my problems. Yet how is it that I'm gutted, absolutely gutted, that Gryffindor won't retain the Quidditch Cup this year?

Oh well, better go ahead and be gracious at any rate. As much as I can be anyway.

Congratulations to Ravenclaw on your Quidditch win. So it looks like it's between you and Hufflepuff this year.

Now that I got that mandatory socialising over with, onto the really important stuff.

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Apr. 28th, 2007

you're joking


I don't really have much to say not that this will make it too different from Padma Patil's entries, by the look of things. Well, I do have a lot to say, but not much that I can share with most other people. But McGonagall said that if I don't write at least one entry per week, she'll be "most displeased" and the last thing I need to deal with on top of everything else is an angry her. She claims that I need to stretch myself socially, and you know that when McGonagall is telling you that you need to improve your social life, then you have a problem.

Although the only people I'm likely to bump into where I am are the Death Eaters, and them I really don't want to get to know any better...

So what's been going on back at Hogwarts? NEWTs mustn't be far away. Talk to me and I'll pretend to be interested. And I read how Smith's been mouthing off again, which was annoying but funny at the same time, if that makes any sense.

I hope I'm not rambling and that this post does make sense. It's odd talking to people again. Though I'm not really talking, just sort of writing, and...yeah.

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Apr. 20th, 2007

why me?



I'm alive. And not a crossdresser. Which would make some of you happy, and not some others. Lilias Moon and the other DE sympathisers for one with the former. Lavender Brown for one with the latter. Sorry to disappoint. Lavender more so than Lilias, and yet Lavender not at all.

Bloody hell, is this what happens when I spend too much time without actual people to talk to? I turn into Firenze and talk in riddles? No, I turn into Trelawney and talk in riddles. Firenze's crypticism actually makes sense, if you think about it long enough. And I've had way, way too much time to think.

Yes, that was a joke. Yes, I can make them. No, I don't feel like humouring you. No, I am not returning to take my bloody NEWTs.

And goodbye.

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June 2007


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