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And if you think that you have problems...

...well, you think wrong

Harry Potter
31 July 1980
Whoever's reading this knows what they need to. And if you're not Ron, Hermione, or Ginny or McGonagall or Remus or any of the other Order members, I'm not telling you anything further. And if you're a writer for The Daily Prophet or Scrimgeour, you can kindly fuck off. And if you're Snape, turn in your wand to the nearest Aurors' Guild then put a big flashing sign over your head so that I can hunt you down and tell you what I really think of you, you pathetic little bitch.

I'm not a heartless bastard, really. And no, I don't have a hero complex. And I've come to terms with my place and role in the world. Unlike most people of my age, it's clearly set out for me. But when you're off doing what I'm doing, NEWT and your girlfriend and goalkeeping issues sort of pale in comparison to my concerns. So no, I'm not a pretentious twat, but when I say "My problems are so much bigger than most people's problems," I sort of have a point. So don't expect much sympathy from my end if you whinge about an "Acceptable" on your latest test.

Disclaimer: This RPG character is taken from the Harry Potter series created and owned by JK Rowling (ie. it's not really The Boy Who Lived). Neither is it Marshall Allman, the actor in the icons. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Player's journal: lucy_lupin
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